The Mysterious Goo Killer Has Taken It’s Toll and The Search Is Ended


About five hundred birds died so far when this news item was filed. The death toll may increase some more but the officials are more interested in. The rash of deaths is attributed to a “mysterious goo”.

So far only a little bit more than 300 birds were rescued from certain death and they are under the care the state Department of Fish and Wildlife right now. According to a twit report the rescue operation is very slow with only few birds being taken to safety as of the moment. How ever, as of this moment, the search for surviving birds has been stopped already according to official source.

Experts at a state fish and wildlife lab are still trying to determine the origin and identity of the mysterious goo killer as of Wednesday and they ruled out  polyisobutylene, a chemical used as ship’s fuel additives as the source of the goo.

The goo that coated the marine birds keeps them from flying and staying warm.

It was last Friday when the birds were found coated by the goo while swimming on the bay’s water near the San Leandro Marina, Hayward Regional Shoreline and the Harbor Bay Isle area of Alameda.

Three surf scoter ducks, they usually breed in Canada and Alaska, were rescued near the Foster City shoreline and were brought to the International Bird Rescue Center in Fairfield for treatment.

There was no reports yet whether the goo managed to intrude to the west side of San Francisco, said Barbara Callahan, the rescue center’s interim executive director.

The birds may have been originally contaminated in the East Bay and then flown across the water to the Foster City shoreline, she said.

Currently, the nonprofit Wildlife center, is financing the birds’ upkeep to the tune of $8,000 a day since there was no report yet who is responsible for the contamination.

The mysterious goo continues to baffle experts about its source. However cleanup operation will help a lot in the survival of the migrant birds. It will be a pity to see more of them dying.






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