Earth’s Visitor from Outer Space Can Predict When the Planet is Going to End Using Magnetic Messages , According to Researchers

According to scientists, the earth is approximately 4.55 billion years old. They arrived at this conclusion by determining the age of the earth’s crust and that of outer space intruders, such as meteorites, that found their way to our planet.

How old man is? Man is only about 7 million years old. We are relatively very new comers in the neighborhood.

Experts have yet to discover a device or system to determine how old our galaxy, the Milky Way,  but according to studies done in the past, the oldest star in our solar system is about 13.5 billion years. Our planet is so much younger compared to the stars in existence today.

In this connection, researchers made an analysis of a meteorite that wandered in our planet billions of years ago. Some of its fragments were subjected to tests and were discovered to be as old as our Galaxy. By analyzing the magnetic signals from the surface of the asteroid, scientists were able to determine the age of the asteroid.

The information from the meteorite was downloaded on a computer hard drive. Scientists are hoping the magnetic signals in the space visitor will provide clues on how the earth’s own metallic core may someday expire.

The team was able to read the signals embedded on the rock believed to be more than four and a half billion years old by using a highly advance X ray microscope called synchrotron.

Meteorites are fragments of asteroids that managed to detach from it, and found their way to our planet that remained intact upon impact. It is believed that they were highly responsible in bringing about the extinction of the dinosaurs.

“Ideas about how the Earth’s core evolved through [our planet’s] history are really changing at the moment”, lead researcher Dr. Richard Harrison, from the University of Cambridge, told BBC News.

The findings have been published in Nature journal.



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