According to Latest Research, Pizza and Sugary Drinks Greatly Contribute to the Growing Number of Obese Children!


It seems nothing good is coming out from research this days. All researches seem point to negative effects of the food on the human body. It’s not the fault of researchers but of fast food companies which are trying to pull a fast one on the consumers.

What is it this time? Its pizzas turn. The countries most favorite next to French fries. Pardon me if I’m wrong, I love French fries more than pizzas. Pizza is cheap, easily available, and parents approve of them.

However, there’s something else that every parent should know.

It’s unhealthy!

The new study shows that pizza is a major contributing factor to a higher calorie consumption among children whenever they eat it. Pizzas are so high calorie laden that when children eat them, they contribute 20 percent of the child’s calorie intake for the day and with it an increase in saturated fat and the salt contents in the children’s diet.

“Pizza “plays a major role” in weight gain among children” , nutritionist Rachel Beller said today on ABC News “Good Morning America”.

“We are just having too much of some of the wrong ingredients,” she said. “Pizza can be great if it is done right with the right ingredients. It just deserves an upgrade.”

Homemade pizzas with veggies with thinner crust made from whole grains is highly recommended by Beller. Using low sodium sauce and an all-natural cheese would be perfect for the kids.

The research was based on data involving children and adolescents up to 19 years old. It also made a comparative study between sugary drinks and pizza.

“These observations emphasize that pizza, like sugary drinks, may be a significant contributor to excess caloric intake and obesity, and should become a target for counseling for the prevention and treatment of obesity in pediatric practice,” they wrote in the study.



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