Want to Look Healthy and Trim? There’s Somebody Who can Help You Better than Your Doctor, Gym Instructor, and Diet Planner!

We may be looking somewhere to give us inspiration in life. We want to lose weight, stay with our diet, exercise consistently, stop smoking, control our drinking, and many other activities that will make us healthy, happy and contented. What we do is read books, talk to friends, get advice from our gym instructors, forgetting that we have somebody who is very near who is in the best position to help us attain our targets. Who are they? They are our partners in life, our husbands or wives . This is according to a new research study.

“In our study we confirmed that married, or cohabiting, couples who have a ‘healthier’ partner are more likely to change than those whose partner has an unhealthy lifestyle,” said study co-author Jane Wardle. She is a professor of clinical psychology and director of the Health Behaviour Research Centre at University College London in England.

The study also revealed that for both men and women “having a partner who was making healthy changes at the same time was even more powerful,” Wardle added

For the findings and complete result of the research, they are  published in the Jan. 19 online issue of JAMA Internal Medicine.

To examine what are the probable benefit of partneringup for change, the researchers evaluated data gathered between 2002 and 2012 involving over 3,700 couples who are participants in English Longitudinal Study of Aging, whose ages were 50 years and above and who were married and living together.

At the beginning of the study in 2002, couples were provided health questionnaires for them to answer. This is then done every two years. They also underwent regular health exams every 4 years. During the course of the research, history in smoking habit changes, physical activity routine and weight conditions were recorded,

By the end of the research, 17 percent of the smokers were able to overcome the habit, 44 percent of the volunteers who were first inactive have become more active and 15 percent of those who are overweight men and women had lost 15 percent of their original weight.

The research revealed smokers will have more chances of quitting smoking if they are living with someone who doesn’t smoke. At the same time those who are not physically active were have more chances of engaging in active lifestyle if they lived with someone who is.

However, men and women who are over the weight limits who lived with partners who have no problems with their weight were not inclined to lose weight, according to researchers.

The overall result of the research showed that those who were unhealthy at the beginning of the research have more chances of ending up living a healthy life if their unhealthy partners change their lifestyle for the better.



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