Moon Wars: Is It Inevitable? Has the Ground Work Already Been Laid?


China has successfully launched its first moon satellite. This early, it has already made known its intention to strip mine the moon of some of its very important minerals. The plan seems very ambitious at this point, but it sends a dire warning to other countries such as the US, Russia, and the European Union. The Chinese government is always trying to needle the Western countries which it owes much of its economic success despite the US owing it trillions of dollars of debt.

Will the race in space return? What happens to the current cooperation between the US and Russia in their space exploration partnership? Will they just watch while China starts sending its people there, laying claim to parts of the moon?

China is very notorious for claiming what it doesn’t own. The trouble currently brewing in Southeast Asia is due to its unsupported claim to everything within the South China Sea. It’s bullying its small time neighbors but has met substantial resistance from them in return.

Will the Chinese government see eye to eye with the other superpowers? It may find itself biting off more than it can chew. It will be interesting to know how the moon war will start, how it will progress, and how it will end. Are we going to see Star Wars like space crafts, laser guns, and laser sabers? Will the war spill to our planet?

It might be amusing to think about it now, but if the moon is thoroughly destroyed, will romantic people and lovers will be biggest losers of them all? Just joking.

I’d hate to contemplate how the tides will react, how the seasons will change, and, most of all, what will happen to the gravitational balance that exists between the Earth and the other planets?

What climate change can do is nothing compared to the moon belong blown out of existence. Do you think I have a point here? I suggest please read how the First World War started.





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