A Brief Insight on How Much Longer Before Mankind Completely Wipe Itself Out?


Not long ago the industrial factories in Europe and US were spewing smokes into the Earth’s atmosphere like there was no tomorrow. Everyone thought then that the earth’s atmosphere extends to the boundaries of the universe until science discovered otherwise.

It was the same thing how we treat our seas and oceans dumping our trash there including toxic chemicals without thinking what the consequences might be.

Farmers are using huge amounts inorganic fertilizers like phosphorous and urea to boost their production method and look what’s happening to the soil today. For sure, fertilizers didn’t only damage the soil, they also went deep to the underground water supply and has been contaminating it gradually.

Man has managed to deliberately destroy the three major elements of the planet earth without exerting too much effort.

Remember We are all in this together. We breathe the same air, drink the same water and plant on the same soil. It may take for some countries to suffer the  consequences later than the others, but ultimately everybody will come to the same conclusion.

The earth has become less hospitable now than before. People would talk of the good old days where everything was fresh and clean but are not willing to lift a hand to stop the abuse that the planet has been experiencing right now.

We have record high heat waves, every typhoon is now called super, and without growth enhancing hormones, raising animals and producing crops have become more  difficult.

The climate change has made the Earth even hotter melting those snows in the North Pole. This will raise the sea level by 7 meters according to one research. That will be catastrophic to coastal dwellers.

There’s a catastrophe waiting to happen. When the balance is tipped towards the negative side of things, domino effect may ensue. Mother Nature will unleash a power so great that man may experience what the dinosaurs went through: total extinction. How long did dinosaurs existed? Research has it at 65 million years from their first appearance up to their disappearance.

Man hasn’t been here long enough. Not even 2 million years. We are the most intelligent creatures who ever lived on Earth, but I doubt it. I think dinosaurs are better mentally endowed, at least in safeguarding the gift of nature and passing them on to us. What will we pass to the next inhabitants in the planet? A totally  uninhabitable place for maybe several million years to come.


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