Phoenix Mom Never Had the Chance to See or Hug Her 4 Bundles of Joy Before Dying

She will never see, touch, raise and love her 4 bundle of joys ever. Erica Morales who wanted nothing else but to have her babies died without seeing and hugging them. The quadruplets will never see and feel the love of their real mother.

The quadruplets are doing pretty well, family members said. There was no news yet when they are leaving the hospital.

The four babies, Paisley,Tracy, Erica and Carlos were delivered by C-section last Thursday evening just about seven months after their conception. They weighed between two to three pounds, according to the CBS affiliate in Phoenix.

These are the ideal weights for multiple births like this.

Morales was brought to the hospital suffering from high pressure two days before giving birth, last Tuesday but she didn’t make it in the end.

“She loved them she was so happy to welcome them to this world,” Erica’s friend, Nicole Todman, told KPHO. “She loved their father and he loved her and that they will never be without love.”

“Morales never got to hold her kids”, Todman said, “because she was unconscious by the time they were delivered by C-section.”

Hospital officials are still silent about the cause of her death until this very moment.

Both Morales and her husband were trying to have a baby for 2 years now. She worked as a real estate agent while her husband work in a manufacturing company, Todman said.

She said that Morales tried acupuncture to fertility treatments, everything in fact, just to have a child. It was last June that she suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant again. Christina Todman told KPHO during an interview. The three women were best of friends since childhood.

“We are here for this,” Christina Todman said. “We are here to be a mother figure for these children because they are never going to meet their biological mother. They are going to have it through us, they are going to have it through their mother.”

“Because of her previous miscarriage, Morales was apprehensive about getting too excited about the babies’ arrival. She mainly focused on doing things correctly throughout her pregnancy such as eating enough”, Todman said.

“Her focus of her pregnancy was to make sure she did everything to make sure they were healthy so she was able to bring them into this world — and she did,” Todman said.


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