Tracy stands firm against Ebola

Ebola, the fatal infected disease has taken the African community by storm. Not only that, Ebola has made its way into news and researches as well. However, with Ebola on rise and due to the lack of vaccinations for dire prevention and protection, it has been concluded that isolation is the only motive and method for protection from infected ones. Healthy individuals have completely isolated their infected ones with Ebola within the capable hands of keen doctors and nurses.

One of these angelic nurses, Tracy Zordan made her way to Kenema to treat at least 60 patients suffering from Ebola. As Ebola is contracted through blood, semen, tears and other body fluids, healthy individuals in Sierra Leone where Ebola is mainstream have been advised to stay as far as possible from touching the infected patients. The nurse also reports that people have to use chlorine to wash their hands after attending a funeral of a departed soul whose body had suffered from Ebola.

Tracy Zordan is perhaps one of those people who are sent down from the Heavens only to look after people and to devote themselves to others. She attended at least 60 patients in a packed centre in Kenema. Tracy Zordan has compassion for her patients. She has reported that her duty calls for her to be compassionate to her patients and also to keep their woes ahead of hers. She had been practicing for almost half a decade for now in Brisbane.

Nevertheless, Tracy Zordan has been appreciated thoroughly through out her vicinity. As Ebola makes lives fatal for the infected community, these angels in the face of humans, and in this case, Tracy Zordan sought out to help them in order to live her life according to her oaths and her duties. She has dedicated most of her time to Kenema, treating and taking care of patients where discrimination and racism is at peak. Ebola has left a saddening impact on the community, but, Tracy Zordan helped to incorporate the concept that happiness can be achieved through little acts as well as through life-threatening risks.



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