MJHS Hospice Was Transformed Into A Wedding Place To Grant a Dying Man’s Wish to Marry His Beloved

True love knows no boundaries. It conquers everything even cancer which is about to take the life of a man in just a few days. Christopher is sick. Very sick. He has a terminal cancer. His doctors are giving him few more days but it didn’t stop his bride Terry Torres, 23, to say “I do”

Christopher Robinson, who is from Brooklyn is just at a very young age of 25. He has a lot ahead of him but the cancer won’t allow him to have a full and fulfilling life. Terry married Chris last Thursday at the MJHS Hospice residential inpatient unit. Their only son, 2-year old CJ walked with Terry while she marched down the isle of the hospice.

The city clerk was generous enough to help the couple arrange all the paperwork for the wedding without which the newly married will really find it difficult to do. The hospital staff were also kind enough to make the wedding as real as possible by preparing the room giving it real wedding place ambiance

Christopher’s wedding wish came true in less than a day and the wedding vows were exchanged together with the rings. This was according to the report by New York Daily News.

“It was like something out of a dream,” he said of the wedding. “It was beautiful.”

Mrs. Terry Robinson, that’s her legal name now, told everybody how they met each other in a New York upstate college. She can hardly contain her tears while telling their story. They lived together and struggled hard, working on several jobs at one time or another in order to buy a place they can call their own.

Christopher suffered 5 gunshot wounds in 2013 and had to undergo multiple surgeries. The bullets were the easy ones but the terminal stage renal cancer is another story. His second chance in life it seems would be short-lived. The few months he borrowed is now down to few very important days.

His will to marry Terry was so intense in spite of his difficulty to move.

“Christopher actually stood up from his wheelchair and that brought me to tears,” she said.

There’s no telling how many days more will the newlyweds will spend their happy days together. However Christopher will leave a very happy man, that’s for sure.

“She’s the love of my life, she’s my friend and my moon, my stars, my sky, she’s my everything,” he said.



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