The New Battle Cry: Remember Disneyland!

The measles outbreak came from the most unlikely place: Disneyland, where good things and happy memories are supposed to come from.

The result of what happened there has health officials are out in full force urging infected people to submit for treatment as soon as possible. The recommendation includes monitoring the whereabouts of these infected individuals as they continue to frequent public places such as schools malls, churches and supermarkets.

The introduction of MMR vaccine short for measles, mumps and rubella vaccine in 1971, was regarded as the ultimate solution in eradicating measles in the United States but it seems it’s not the case. Children were inoculated regularly for decades but in 1998 a study came out connecting the vaccine to autism and after that fewer parents had their children submitted for vaccination

The report was vehemently denied by the medical world but still the anti-vaccination advocates continued to flourish. People have several reactions to vaccinations which include medical, religious, or personal reasons. This especially true both in California and Oregon.

The director of the National Vaccine Information Center, Barbara Loe Fisher, said just like the others she does not believe what the establishment has to report about the uncommon adverse effect of the vaccine. Fisher noted, “From an informed consumer’s perspective, what I have found are gaps in the vaccine safety science that need to be filled. We do not truly understand the scope of vaccine injury. … We need to give respect to parents who are trying to do the best for their children.” The organization is nonprofit entity which is against forced vaccination.

The World Health Organization reported that extensive studies were made concerning the claim and said it has no basis at all. What the anti-vaccination movement is doing according to the WHO is posing a great risk for everyone. The Disneyland episode is a stark reminder of what opposing vaccination can do, explained Dr. Eric McDonald, the deputy public health officer for San Diego County. He added “This is an opportunity for everyone to re-evaluate their status, especially for measles.”

Arguments were made by parents in California about their right to have their exempted from the vaccination.

Before the measles vaccine were available in the U.S., around 500,000 were infected by the disease and 500 died. When the vaccines were introduced in 1993, the infection was reduced to 60 to.

We shouldn’t forget what happened in the State of Ohio recently where there was measles outbreak last year. There were 382 cases and 9 hospitalization. The year 2014 have seen an increase of measles incident by 350 percent.

Do we need another Disneyland incident to realize the importance of vaccination?




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