Halley’s Comet: Were You There When It Last Appeared and Will You Still be Here When It Appears Again? Will It be a Sign of Peace or War?

Comets are portends of trouble: war, famine, disease and other disastrous events. That was at least the belief before and even until now. No matter what science says about it, soothsayers insist that they are more than ball of ice, dust and super active gas molecules. Comets are bad news.

But not this one.

It was the comet believed to have guided the 3 wise men on their way in finding the child Jesus and also on their way back to their own places in order to elude King Herod.

It was Halley’s Comet.


It follows a regular schedule like your bus ride to your office or school. It comes back and shows its long tail at an average of 76 years. I was lucky to see it when I was 10 years old.  All I have to wait is 75 years more to see it again. I’ve seen other comets but Halley was my first one and if I reach the age of 85 I may see it again.  I’ll be 85 in 2061 and if I’m still alive I’ll be one of those who see it at least twice in their lifetime. How old are you now?

I will be luckier  than Edmond Halley, the Englishman who predicted that it was the same commit which kept coming back in the years 1531, 1607 and 1682, because he only saw it once and I may see it again, hopefully. He died 16 years before the comet returned in 1758.

The biggest comet ever to appear in our planet’s solar system was Comet McNaught, which showed its massive head in 2007. It was called The Great Comet of 2007. To those who witnessed its nightly fireworks it was really a wonder to behold.

The smallest comet who made its bow in our skies was Hartley 2 just 5 years ago, in 2010. It was about 11 million miles away from the Earth.

However nothing can beat the record of Halley’s Comet when it comes its number of appearance: 30 times. It’s one comet that proves that some comets do orbit the sun. Its orbital circumference around the sun, according to research is 7.6 billion miles.

Ancient Chinese documents recorded its appearance way back in 240 BC. The Julian calendar was not even born during that time.





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