Apple’s Swift posts mercurial rise in rankings and fast becoming popular

Google’s Android has been dominating the mobile operating systems niche and phones from an assortment of companies that are using this versatile OS are growing at a rapid rate.

To break the Android’s dominance and encourage iOS apps creators to stay put and make lives easier for them, technology giant Apple has rolled out Swift and branded this as “the first industrial-quality systems programming language that is as expressive and enjoyable as a scripting language.” Apple added while it has filled in all the bases, “It’s designed to scale… from ‘hello, world’ to an entire operating system.”

Six months later Swift’s rise was smooth and mercurial. Red Monk’s Stepehn O’Grady has made a bold forecast last summer that Swift will become more popular in the days to come and it is becoming true.

O’Grady said last Thursday that Swift’s fast rise in the rankings was exceptional as it climbed 5 notches higher in the language segment from 5 to 10 spots. O’Grady added that when a language made it into the top 20, it is more difficult to sustain growth. But Swift continues to pull surprises after taking the 68th place in the third quarter of 2014 it has managed to improve 46 notches better in the quarter of 2014 to collar the 22nd position.

After starting as one of the cellar-dwellers, Swift is now just one spot behind Coffeescript and now one rung better than Lua. Swift’s progress is more evident on StackOverflow than GitHub, where the most active Swift storehouses are either educational or infrastructure in nature, but then the Swifts dramatic rise in the rankings has been phenomenal. If the current trend continues, Swift will most likely crash into the top 20 language on this years’ third quarter ranking.


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