The New Year visited the rest of us with a major positive blow in the field of medicine and research. However, this year proved to be pivotal for research in the field, especially in relation to vaccines. Flu shots have been highly prescribed as pivotal vaccines when it comes to protecting pregnant women and their fetuses from expected infections if counteracted with any of the flu viruses.

Up to date, there have been around 8,700 vaccines for different varieties of flu viruses. Many of these vaccines are directed towards a specific flu virus with powerful restraints and modified genetic codes. Many of these viruses have become highly spectacular in becoming aware of the resultant medicines and the flu shots. As a result, many viruses are now resistant towards the premium medications solely prescribed to get rid of the flu.

Seasonal flu, however are on the verge as highly spread infectious agents. According to an annual study initiated by a group of researchers including Dr. Alicia Fry who is the chief representative for Chippewa County’s health administration department, concluded the fact that 2014 had been an unexpected year in reference to the studies counteracted in 2013 and the said year. This is mainly due to mutations in Influenza virus A H3N2.

The study also concludes a few salient features which should be kept in notice when it comes to future or comparative studies. According to this study presented by Dr. Alicia Fry, a sudden increase had been reported in the number of hospital admissions in consecutive months. For instance, the number increased from three hospital patients to around eight in the months of December, 2013 and January 2014 respectively.

However, according to this research, doctors have advised Americans, especially of Chippewa County where this research was conducted primarily to adhere to the flu vaccines for other strains of the virus in order to prevent infection. The study concludes that around 23% of flu shots have been reported to be highly successful. In regards of this feature, the general community is advised to be vaccinated as soon as possible since strains develop very easily. Despite this fact, it is better to be vaccinated rater than the staying in oblivion.


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