First time in US, Sprint’s Virgin Mobile to offer No-contract Data Sharing Plan

No-contact phone plans are slowly invading the US soil as it gets cheaper and cheaper as time goes by. Virgin Mobile has just joined the foray in providing no-contract data plans and for the first time in the US it let the users share no-contract data with their friends and loved ones without getting over the data cap limit to avoid extra charges.

The new exciting prices for the no-contract data plans will be rolled out on January 17 (available in Walmart only) and entry-level price starts at a monthly charge $65 which is good for two lines and the data capacity limit is at 4GB. Virging Mobile also offers a monthly rate of $90 (good for three lines) and the data capacity limit of 8GB and at a monthly charge of $115 the users will get to enjoy a hefty 12GB data capacity limit and good for four lines.

These wonderful data plans feature free mobile hotspot app for sharing your data with a nearby user with tablet or laptop. The company also has a lot more in store for would-be subscribers by the end of February and will offer more models.

Virgin Mobile also offer Solo plans and brings in an upgrade with two new tiers of service of  $35 for 300 minutes of talk and $45 for unlimited talk. Both plans also come with unlimited texting, and unlimited data capacity limit but it just offer high-speed at only 2.5GB.

There are also some other caveats with Virgin Mobile’s Unlimited and Data Share as they are only available on only four phones: the $80 LG Tribute, $100 HTC Desire 510, the $150 LG Volt and the $130 Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. The users will also have to bear the new activation that needs $20 starter kit, though this will let users stream unlimited music from sites like Pandora without exhausting the data cap limit.

Though there are some limitations, Virgin Mobile’s new data plans are quite better compared with the ones offered by T-Mobile and Verizon which is priced at $50 (1GB of data capacity) and $60 (1GB of data capacity limit) respectively. AT&T also has an inexpensive no-contract plan to boot which is priced at $25 per month but for 1GB of data cap, and the next tier up is raised at 3GB of data for a monthly charge of $40.

Keep in mind that Virgin Mobile is one of Sprint’s prepaid brands and it offers the slowest data speeds among the four wireless carriers in the US.


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