Is this Possible? Six Twin Births at the Same Time in the Same Hospital

What’s the probability of having six twins born in the same hospital at the same time? I’ll leave that for the experts to answer. However that exactly what happened at the maternity and neonatal intensive care unit at Saint Luke’s East as reported by ABC News.

All the 6 twins are rather doing great right now. They were born from different mothers, said Brenda Cornell, a clinical nurse manager for the hospital. The unexpected emergency has brought joy to the staff, Cornell continued.

“This is the first time we’ve ever had this many sets of twins in our hospital at the same time,” Cornell said.

Despite the timing of their birth, it is all a case of random and unexpected deliveries.

National Center for Health Statistics records have shown there is an increasing numbers of twin births everywhere. There were only 1 twin births for every 50 births before the 80s. That’s roughly 2 percent of all births. Today twin births number has increased to one in 30 births which is about 3.5 percent.
The reason behind this is that women today are taking more time before getting pregnant and the older they gave birth the more the possibility of of having multiple births. This is according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention basing on their research on recent rash of twin births.

Working mothers are mostly waiting to get pregnant when they’re 30 years or older.  They want to save more. And also women who are looking to advance in their chosen field of professions are getting married late in life.

None of the mothers who gave twin births, Cornell told ABC News during an interview, took fertility pills. The likelihood of more twin births is highly probable, she said.

“Moms carrying twins from all over the community heard about this and now want to come here to deliver,” she said.


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