More Americans are Getting Insurance Cover Courtesy of The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare


Obamacare is working. At least the number of people who are insured has started to drop since the health care program went into full gear. This is what the latest survey reported.

The Affordable Care Act, more popularly known as Obamacare has been responsible in the drop of uninsured Americans estimated from 37 million in April 2010 to 29 million in the later part of 2014 according to The Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey.

The same report revealed that there was also a drop in the Americans having difficulty in meeting their insurance obligation from 75 million in 2012 down to 64 million in 2014.

The number of people who can’t afford insurance cover because it’s too expensive reduced from an estimated number of 80 million in 2012 to 66 million in 2014.

The Republicans scare tactics failed to materialize. The results are magnificent  and there was no loss of million jobs, no increase in the number of uninsured Americans, the millions of people losing their health insurance and government “death panels ” proved to be just a pigment of imagination of both conservatives and Republicans.

Last Jan. 15, President Barack Obama made an announcement where in federal government workers can now enjoy 6 weeks of maternity leave and the same number of paid leaves when there’s a family member getting sick, reported by The Washington Post. The president also gave his backing to the Healthy Families Act where in every working American is entitled to 7 days paid leave annually.

The US, according to Center for Economic and Policy Research, the is the only highly developed industrialized country, out of 22 others, that doesn’t implement a law that has paid sick leave.

The numbers are great and beyond dispute. At last the Americans are getting what is due them. The US citizens have been denying for so long what is due them. The year 2015 promises to be a great year for every Americans.



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