Which Is It Wendy, Soda or No Soda? Peter Pan & Friends are Waiting for Your Decision.


It’s Wendy’s turn to ban soda from their children’s food menu. The food giant has removed the sugary drink which according to experts one of the many causes of systemic diseases both in children and adults.

The decision was the result of continued pressure from health groups such as MomsRising.org, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility and the Center for Science in the Public Interest or CSPI. It has been their argument that soda has no place in children’s diet since they are one of the contributory factors developing obesity, diabetes, tooth decay and hosts of other unhealthy conditions.


The probability of children becoming obese by drinking just one sugary drink everyday increases by 60 percent. This is according to CSPI research. No announcement yet has been issued by Wendy’s management on the report excluding soda in its children’s food menu.

“We applaud Wendy’s for prioritizing children’s health and providing more nutritious beverage options,” ICCR member Fr. Michael Crosby of the Wisconsin/Iowa/Minnesota Coalition for Responsible Investment said in a statement. “Beyond the obvious health risks for kids is the reputational risk these unhealthy drinks carry for the company. As their investors, we are pleased to see them address this important concern.”


Mc Donald’s agreed to exclude soda from their Happy meals way back in 2013. According to CSPI, other fast food companies such as Subway, Chipotle, Arby’s, and Panera have dropped soda as part of their kids’ food offerings.

The Latest decision by Wendy, met positive response from CSPI and the group promised to continue pressing Wendy’s and other fast food chains to include health-friendly meals for children and adults alike. According to them the fight will continue until their objective has been met.

The world Health Organization has suggested reducing world sugar consumption by 5 percent. The goal is far from being accomplished but efforts are underway to minimize sugar consumption around the world.



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