Google Translate app, Babel Fish is polite and makes conversation flow fast and smooth

Google has established its self as the top search engine browser in the world and already stamped its class on the translation niche as well. Google raised the bar one notch higher with its new real-time language translation app that will enable people that are using different languages to communicate live. This undertaking is made possible with the Babel fish hatched out by the technology giant.

The Babel Fish, is actually a latest upgrade to its Google Translate app not a fish literally and is very capable of understanding the users’ words in various language at an instant.

Beginning on Wednesday mobile phones that runs the Android and iOS will be able to translate conversations faster and more natural.

The product lead on Google Translate, Barak Turovsky has said that talking with people using different language can be very slow, but with the new update the conversation flow is faster and more oganic.

The new upgrade will give rise to an app that will by design recognize which language is being used and the same time polite too. Polite and smart, the app will just come up with “eff, asterisk, asterisk, asterisk” If one swears.

Google has disclosed that more than half billion people worldwide are using Translate monthly and it is available in 36 languages.

This development is indeed a groundbreaking one as it is cinched to get rid of barriers that impeded communications.


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