Finally Kickstarter kicks its way on the iPad

Kickstarter has just made an update on its iOS app that now covers the Apple’s iPad. The new 2.0 version release can now be downloaded directly from A and comes with some enhancements that are especially built for Apple flagship phones (iPhone 6/6 Plus) Apple’s App Store.

Kickstarter creators Brandon Williams and Zack Sears the app has some changes that let users navigate smoothly and improve on the tablet’s form factor. The app will enable users to swipe through different projects horizontally with relative ease.

The new update also bumped off the iPhone app to give rise to more improvements in the iPad platform. Scores of gestures comes with the new update so as to make them more sensible even on smaller screen. Now the update makes the app universal as it has shared code base for both the iPad and iPhone.

Kickstarter, an online platform for funding creative projects, has added in April 2014 a crisp full-screen view that let users find discover projects just by watching videos. This development was a substitute for the similar feature “lean back mode” which is well-suited for iPad. Sears said that the new update will let users directly lean back and browse Kickstarter projects based on their videos.


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