Pope Francis Landed Safely in the Philippines Ready to Fight Climate Change: “Man Has Slapped Nature in the Face”


The Eagle has landed. The pope is in Manila right now for his first and historic visit in the Philippines, Asia’s first and only Christian nation. His main purpose is to visit the victims of super typhoon Haiyan also known as Yolanda by the locals in Tacloban City.

The sun was shining and not even a drizzle met the Pope as he descended the airplane. Instead he was met by millions of Filipinos on his arrival.

Seeing the large crowd, many of which are poor people, will give the Pope more strength to fight for the wise use of environment and for social equality. He’s been critical of how large tract of land ownership and the resources of nature are enjoyed only by the select few.

His stay here will prepare him for the looming battle with conservatives. Both the Republicans and the Evangelical churches in the US will definitely give the Pope a fight for the causes he spouses. .  The meeting in Paris will be a great test for the Pope after the Lima summit didn’t produce any concrete results about climate change.

He will write a new encyclical about responsible stewardship of nature which is going to be read in more than 400,000 Catholic churches all over the world. There may be previous popes who expressed their views about environmental issues but this the first time that a pope will campaign for it personally and more variously.

Will the 1.2 billion Catholics will really behind the pope? Catholics are allowed to have their own personal choices. However due to the very high popularity of Pope Francis, the support may not be coming only from Catholics but for the many who believes in his sincerity.

He is living in an apartment and leading a simple life sans of the trappings accorded to the prince of the Catholic faith. He has calling and chastising Catholic Cardinals and bishops to follow his example.


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