Lately, Children Have Been Getting the Brunt of Infectious Diseases. First it was the Flu Virus, Now It’s Disney’s Measles.


Who would believe that Mickey’s Castle will be the source of so much misery and sadness? It used to be a happy and wonderful place until measles made a lot of people, mostly children, got sick during their vacation there last month.

No, Disney Land has nothing to do with it. Some people who don’t believe in getting the measles vaccine allegedly caused it. Others say, it was brought there by vacationers from other countries where measles are rampant. No matter who whose responsible for this act, it just goes to show that no place is safe from diseases, no matter where they are.

California health officials have confirmed that more measles cases tied to Disney Land out break have infected 7 kids.

The total number of people now infected has increases to 26 people in 4 states. This was confirmed by the California Department of Public Health.  What started to be a limited infection has now threatened to become an epidemic.

Officials say 22 of the cases are in California and two are in Utah, with one apiece in Colorado and Washington.

Most of those who contracted the disease came to visit Disneyland or Disney California Adventure between Dec. 15 and. Dec. 20. While others may contracted the infection from other visitors.

Children seem to get the brunt of the effect of the infectious diseases this season. The flu virus has been merciless in its onslaught against children and now the measles virus is having its turn.

However the past and prompt response from public health officials in both California and Utah may have been the reason why the disease was not able to spread more. Nonetheless, we don’t know how this will end.

Don’t let the children suffer some more. They have enough already. Let us be more vigilant for the sake of our children.






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