Did Man Really Evolve from Fish? What Would Charles Darwin Say if he was Alive?


Something smells fishy around here. Just because we are vertebrates it doesn’t mean we came from fish. What happened to monkeys as our ancestors? Charles Darwin, the Father of Evolution, would be tossing and turning in his grave right now.

So, is this really possible?  Read on to believe.

Sea creatures came much ahead than land dwellers. Yes, even birds evolved from fish, so why not man. And birds were much ahead to evolve from fish than man. When birds lost their teeth, man had yet to evolve from fish and didn’t it happen for several million years more.

Researchers were using x ray and CT scan to take a closer look at a fossil codenamed “Janusiscus.” It got its name from the two faced Roman deity. The resemblance was strong enough between the two that the fish got the honor of being named the same.

The evolution process got another boost when the results were made public by researchers. The bottom part of the skull it was gathered, was smooth without any division, which means that the fish was just beginning to evolve at the time it was captured. Sharks today also manifest the same structure. They don’t have any external skull.

It was reported that the scans revealed the fish as having a smaller internal skull. This led the researchers to conclude that the bony skeletons on the face of the shark disappeared early during their evolution.

These two characteristics of the fish later evolved into two branches of families in the evolutionary development becoming the bony fish on one hand and the cartilaginous fish on the other. The second family evolved subsequently to become land vertebrates and one of them ended up as our ancestors. This will give us second thoughts before eating fish.

“This mix of features, some reminiscent of bony fishes and others cartilaginous fishes, suggests that humans may have just as many features that you might call ‘primitive’ as sharks,” Oxford University’s Department of Earth Sciences researcher Matt Friedman said.

Sharks were believed previously to be primitive due to their external attributes. But because of these new developments experts have begun to reassess what they think about sharks.

“ has helped us to look at sharks differently,” said Martin Brazeau of Imperial College of London’s Department of Life Sciences.

‘The fossil provided researchers’ new evolutionary insights,’ Dr. Brazeau added.



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