Montana Is Home To A Rare All Boys Triplets. Canada Had An All Girls Identical Quintuplet Once.


What is the probability of a mother giving birth to an identical triplets? The proverbial answer of 1 in a million does apply here. A couple from Montana State has just made it to the very exclusive club. Having a triplet in a family and an identical at that is something that not every couple can experience.

The six year old elder brother may find it difficult to distinguish whose Ian, Milo and Kinsey but I’m sure that won’t diminish the fun once his brothers are able to play with him.

According to one source, identical triplets are extremely rare. However it says the odds is not really one in a million but just 1 in a half million which for me is still very high. This type of pregnancy is referred to multiple pregnancy which is also the same medical term used in cases of twin births, quadruplets, and quintuplets and so on.

There was also identical quintuplets born in Ontario Canada.  The girls were born in May 1938. There were two remaining survivors three years ago.

The highest number of babies born at one time is seventeen. That’s rather very, very rare. What are the chances of having 17 babies at once? There was no mention about it but I’m sure it’s more than one in a 29 billion maybe? Just kidding. We can’t assign an odd on that

Research revealed that there are around 353,000 babies born each day. Now, if we multiply it by 365 days, that’s one year, the total numbers would tally to 128,845,000.

The highest number of babies delivered by one woman is 69. The oldest woman to gave birth was 74 years old.

It’s wonderful to have children. It does not matter how many are there. But to have an identical triplets, is such a great blessings and I wish the parents a happy family.





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