Pauline, UK is Still Praying for You


Pauline Cafferkey is now off the critical list. It seems the prayers of the people in UK have been heard at last. (

The Royal Free Hospital made an announcement on Monday that Pauline Cafferkey is “showing signs of improvement”.

She still remains however in the isolation as she continue to receive special for the Ebola virus.

The 39 old Scottish nurse was confirmed to have contracted the disease after returning from Sierra Leone the day after Heathrow checkup failed to detect the infection.

She took the route to Scotland via Casablanca, Morocco, and Heathrow where she was subjected to standard Ebola screening reserved for those people travelling from Western Africa which includes Sierra Leone.  She was allowed to go home after the checkup proved negative although she complained of being sick.

Her body temperature was taken 6 times in the span of 30 minutes and every time it was declared normal and she was cleared to take the flight going to Scotland.

She was placed in an isolation unit afterwards in Glasgow’s Gartnavel Hospital after showing signs of fever. Then she was flown by RAF Hercules plane to London on 30 December and was brought to the Royal Free’s specialist treatment center.

Her health turned for the worse and several days later it was feared that she might die. It was last January 31 that her condition became critical.

It was remembered that Nurse Cafferkey was working in Sierra Leone where it was where she must have contracted the infection. The Save the Children Foundation is still in investigating how she contracted the disease in order to prevent the same thing from happening again later. There is still no result until now.

An American health worker is still fighting for his life in the US. I hope that he would survive just like Pauline. He was also working in Sierra Leone where the infection did its worst.


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