Revolutionary Swiss Flexible Back Implant Will Keep Your Back on Track, Get Rid of the Pains and Makes You Enjoy Middle Age

What’s in your back? Aside from the muscles, nerves, ligaments, blood vessels? The spinal cord, or backbone or spinal column, they are one and the same thing’ happens to be there. It gives our body its poise, and our ability to move and walk around. Without our spinal column we won’t be able to stand erect. There’s not much difference between us and our cousins. No, I don’t mean your auntie and uncles children. It’s the gorilla, I mean.

We should therefore take care of our backs or lose more than just our poise. We’d be confined to the bed or wheelchair forever. Our backs usually give us problems during our middle age. That’s when we should enjoy our life the most.

There’s a new technology that you may find very interesting. Swiss researchers from EPFL have published an article in “Science magazine” about flexible electronic implants which according to them can cure back pains. And what’s more these devices can make it possible for people to be up and going even if they have been paralyzed for a long time. The best part is this: the researchers say it really works.

Some back problems include back aches, muscle spasms, muscle periodic paralysis, which makes it difficult for you to get out of bed, bend and pick something on the floor. Cases of spinal disc hernia are also common.

The thing that has going for this new implant is that it not rigid and does not cause further back damage, preserve your nerves and other sensitive parts of your back.  Pain won’t be much of a problem since the EPFL implants are soft and highly flexible. There is no scar tissue formation and tissue rejection is not possible.

The pioneering product is called e-Dura implant. It has fluid type microchannels, and electronic tracks made of crack gold making it very flexible. It has also flexible electrodes made of silicone fiber and platinum. The injured part of the spinal column is supplied with special medicine and electric impulses. One of the most crucial feature of e-Dura is it can be installed right between the dura matter, the tissue covering of the spinal column and the vertebrae.


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