Men Are Considered Psychotic Narcissists If they Take Selfies, According to A Study. Do You Agree?


Getting pictures of oneself have become super popular especially among social media enthusiasts. Those mobiles are making it possible and the gadgets that are available right now is making it even easier and more fashionable. Yes, they are called selfies. Most of them however are “not real”.

Most of them of them have been “retouched” or photo shopped and they look so beautiful you’d think everybody is a movie star.

Well, there’s a new study that people, oops, I mean men only, who take excessive selfies have psychopathic tendencies. I think the word there is not psychopathic. It’s too harsh a word to use.  Not even lunatic.

It’s more of a self-assurance issue. A narcissists, maybe? Who’s not? In our secret minds we have our own world of fantasy and there we think of ourselves as the most attractive person here on earth. Okay, let’s make it the whole universe.

Studies have been made to prove the allegations but you don’t have to believe it, especially if you have selfies splashed all over the different social media websites and you don’t feel you are anything but normal. And there are even no data to prove them.

Here’s one mother has to say about it.

“I don’t think that’s true. My son does them. His friends do it. It’s just a sign of confidence,” said Philippi resident Sarah Fisher.

Why men only, I don’t know. Women are as aggressive, maybe even more so when it comes to selfies. I wouldn’t say that the research is biased but it’s not true. That’s my personal opinion.

Another man, like me, disagrees with it and God knows how many more out there. He said taking selfies and posting them is not a problem. There’s nothing really to it if I may add.

“Men that like to take a lot of selfies are a little vain, but I think everybody likes to see what they look like on the camera,” said Bridgeport resident Paul Phillips.

Okay, where’s my camera? It’s time for my on the hour by the hour selfies. Just kidding.


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