A Call to the CDC: Please Save Our Children!


Do you believe in the CDC when they say that the flu season is half over? The deadly influenza virus may just be on its first stage. With more states being hit and more children and old people dying, there seem nothing anybody can do to stop it. The shift from the flu vaccine to antiviral drug may just be a placebo counter measures. If the vaccine can do nothing to stop the flu on its tracks, how much more the anti-viral drugs?

Maybe the health authorities in the country are hoping the flu virus will die down on its own. It will, no disease lasts forever but at what cost to human lives. Schools are closed and children are told to stay indoors in some places. The CDC should be highly commended in stopping the Ebola virus from doing its worst here in the US but I think they are doing a lousy job in containing the flu virus onslaught.

There might be some finger pointing occurring right now among the government’s heath officials inner circle. Who’s to blame for this fiasco? Is this the first time that something like this happened? A vaccine that never works was manufactured and is being forced to the US population just in case it’s going to work or for whatever its worth?

The anti viral drug is another big issue here? Will it really work in place of the vaccines? Were there clinical tests to prove this? Are the citizens forced to pay for something they don’t need?

I hope what the CDC is recommending right now, using massive antiviral drug will work in stopping the drug virus once and for all. Well, I trust CDC. It has saved us from a lot of health disasters before. I know the people behind it won’t stop until the flu virus is stopped the soonest.

Please don’t let us down.





  1. says

    The CDC is chock full of self-righteous, arrogant incompetents. They accept the death of children and old people because they believe they have no other choice, that these losses are inevitable. Well, they’re wrong.

  2. KP says

    Common sense is needed to stop this flu epidemic. Cover your coughs and sneezes. Stay home and keep family members home when sick. If you have been diagnosed with flu wear your mask if you MUST be in public.

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