Congratulations! It’s A Baby Condor.

California condors are known to be the largest bird in North America. Their population continue to decline throughout the 20th century to the verge of extinction. It will be such a big loss if they are going to disappear altogether.
Though what they do eating carcass is not our idea of a magnificent bird, yes they are considered as one of the finest in the country, what they do is very important in helping maintain the ecological balance.

It is surprising therefore to know that a new member of the exclusive community has just emerged and its wonderful news. There are 425 of them right now and that’s pretty exclusive if I may say. California condors are now closely monitored by scientists to protect them. They are considered a highly endangered species.

However two of them were able to elope unnoticed and manage to a raise a “baby” on their own. Isn’t that cute, a baby condor at last since 1997 and the only third since then? The researchers are pleasantly surprised and happy. I’m sure a lot of us as well.

Well the baby is now 7 months old and was spotted in a pretty isolated California’s Big Sur coastal region. It takes 60 days to incubate the egg, which the mom condor was able to manage on her own.

The parents name are ‘Wild’ and ‘Shadow’.They stayed out of sight and managed to raise their young condor in a remote area of the region called Ventana.

“As biologists, we strive to know everything about the flock, but when we get a curve ball like this it’s a real pleasant surprise,” saidwildlife biologist Joe Burnett, condor project coordinator for the Ventana Wildlife Society. “It’s just a sign of how well the flock is doing — that they are flying out on their own, making nests and breeding on their own.”

Shadow, the alleged father, has previously managed to sire two other birds the researchers revealed.

“This is truly exciting to witness as it offers another example of condors surviving on their own,” said Ventana Wildlife Society Executive Director Kelly Sorenson.




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