New University of California Research Reveals People Who Know To Play Musical Instruments Will Less Likely to Suffer from Dementia by 36 Percent

It’s never too late to learn how to play a musical instrument. It will spell the difference between avoiding dementia and suffering from it.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease,   people who know how to play musical instruments will less likely to suffer from dementia.

Studies on the effect of playing a musical instrument on dementia, whether it is good or bad has been very limited. One of the obstacles having been the differences in the DNA composition of the participants according to researchers.

A study was made to this effect involving 157 set of twins. Because twins have the same genetic composition, researchers were able to pinpoint with high accuracy the connection between music and dementia. In the case of non-identical twins the average of accuracy is down to only 50%.

The study were done on identical twins with only one of the two having dementia. Because they the same genetic composition, researchers were able to pinpoint what are the risk factors exclusive to the twin who has the disease and what are protective factors unique to the healthy twin.

Researchers agreed that 36 percent of twins, after considering their gender, educational attainment, and physical activity, who has the ability to play musical instruments in older adulthood were likely to avoid suffering from dementia and mental deterioration.
“Despite sharing numerous genetic propensities and environmental exposures during formative developmental years, dissimilarities in music engagement were associated with differences in dementia occurrence within twin pairs, and the association is not explained by education or physical activity,” said the researchers from the University of California, writing in the International Journal of Alzheimer’s disease.

If music can soothe the savage beast, why not use it to prevent dementia. Learning how to play a guitar is not that difficult. You can use the simplest chords as a beginner.


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