Facebook: Not doomed as users’ engagement increases and more seniors are joining in last year

There were earlier reports that had stated that Facebook is losing its grips on the young ones particularly the teenagers. Well, this is not true according to the study whipped up by The Pew Research Center.

Scarlet Fu said on Bloomberg, that the culprit for the decline could have been attributed to the fact that the younger ones are just naive on disclosing that they are connected with Facebook.

The recent study which is dubbed 2014 “Social Media Update” will reveal that the younger users are not deserting Facebook, but instead the older users are joining in. According to the media update 56% of Internet users that are at least 65 years old are using Facebook.

Moreover, the discovery will show that the old ones have learned to use Facebook for the past few years as their way of getting in touch with their loved ones, old companions and schoolmates and this will not imply that the social media is no longer popular among the teenagers.

Though the Facebook has been luring the seniors on its fold, the social media giant has posted lackadaisical growth when it comes to the number of younger users.

To elaborate on this further around 87% that are in the age bracket of 18 to 29 years old that use Internet had also logged on to Facebook in 2014, a slight improvement from what the site has posted  (83%) in 2013.

The small growth doesn’t mean that Facebook is in big trouble; in fact it is in good stead. The users’ engagement with the site has increased in 2014. Though the number of total users has dipped slightly, Facebook’s active users are spending more time on the site, thanks to the countless apps and features the site has to offer.

The findings will also disclose that aside from Facebook, users are also engaged with  other social media sites (Instagram), the majority of which are linked with Facebook sharing elements.

At the end Facebook has turned into a sort of a wonderful place for family reunion as the grandparents and the older ones are rapidly making their way on the site. It seems like Facebook has created a haven for people of all ages and mastered the art of keeping them busy, happy and even satisfied.


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