Cadillac CTS models now cheaper by at least $2,000 to prop up declining sales

Cadillac slashes the prices of its CTS mid-size sedan variants in a bid to get back into the thick of things sales-wise.

The majority of the 4-cylinder CTS models are now cheaper by $2,000 while most of the V-6s are cheaper by $3,000.

General Motor’s sales also groped for form and have provided $2,200 worth of options standard to its Luxury version (the first increment from the entry-level version).

The discounted units include Luxury, Performance and Premium trim levels. The starting prices for the luxury base variant ($46,340) and the up market twin-turbo V-sport

The new prices will take effect at once and dealers will be provided with new window stickers to utilize on cars that they have on their stock.

Cadillac still has no plan just as yet to give compensation to the owners who has bought the CTS at the original price.

Cadillac sales tumbled down fell 6.5 percent in 2014, and in the report whipped up by Autodata, though the variant’s niche experienced an increase of 5.9 percent. The three new models of Cadillac posted mediocre sales performance in the United States. CTS skidded by at least 3.8%, ATS small sedan limped down to 22% and XTS big sedan dropped to 25.3%.

But not all is bad for the company as its big truck-based SUV Escalade registered a modest increase in 2014.

Last December, Cadillac suddenly get rid of its ad agency and settled for a new one.

The markdown is a good way to boost sales but it has some adverse effects on the car brand’s image. The 2015 CTS was priced at least $6,000 greater than its precursor.

Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book has said that Cadillac is right on track on challenging the best luxury brands offered by automakers from Europe, but General Motors is not at par at best with them yet. It is ill-timed that Cadillac had to make the price cut after a price hike at a prestigious event (CES 2015).

Cadillac has unveiled the entry-level ATS and was bullish on increasing the price for the CTS, a bid that the sales will remain unaffected. The senior analyst for, Michelle Krebs has said that the CTS models are solid vehicle it is still not yet ripe for commanding steep premium price.


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