General Motors to release All-Electric Chevrolet Bolt in 2017

General Motors Co. intends to come up with an all-new electric auto which it dubs as the Chevrolet Bolt. The sleek and environment-friendly car will be equipped with sweeping features and capable of covering 200 miles on a single charge when it will be release in the market in 2017.

Initially priced at $30,000 the car is groomed as the company’s next big thing after rolling out the Volt plug-in hybrid which is currently getting an upgrade. The enhanced Volt is expected to cover longer distance while using electricity before the gasoline engine triggers and begins replenishing the battery.

GM is pitching for the electric cars and hybrid technology with its Bolt and vastly improved Volt despite amid the decline in gasoline price. The prices of gasoline dropped $2 per gallon in some areas in the United States and this has significantly affected the sales of electric cars and hybrids.

GM Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra said to the reporters that the company hasn’t altered its stratagem and will keep on developing hybrids and electric in spite of changes in fuel prices.


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