Futurebot’s Furo-i Home outshine other robots at the CES 2015

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has once again showcased state of the art and cutting edge breakthroughs and milestones in technology as numerous companies participated and strutted their wares in the highly regarded event. The CES provided an opportunity for the would-be buyers of tech products and visitors a glimpse of the future with the new-generation robots that were unveiled by several companies at the event.

These robots had shown vast improvements and they are smarter and more mobile than their predecessors in getting things done fast and right.

Futurebot’s Furo-i Home stands out from the field of automatons with its useful features.

The agile and versatile robot links to a tablet and shows an amiable android face. The Furo-i Home is beefed up with an assortment of sensors and capable of receiving direct commands from a user verbally. The user can instruct the robot to adjust room temperature or turn on and off lighting fixtures or appliances.

Se-Kyong Song, the chief executive of, Futurebot, said to BBC that the robot is equipped with many sensors, varied facial recognition, and can perceive temperature. Song added that Furo-I is capable of transforming into a tutor for kids and capable of keeping an eye on family members. The user can set the robot to wake up a member of a family, remind intake of medicine, eat meal and do other scheduled activities all day long.

And if things seem not to go right, the robot can send a message instantly to the family saying that there might be a problem and allows them to talk with their parent through video chat to ask if they are okay.

Furo-I is fetched at $1,000 and the South Korean company is hopeful that it would sell at least 10,000 units before 2015 ends.


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