The “Enigmatic Pulsar 1906” Proves That the Movie Star Trek Is Indeed Possible.


Is it possible for a rotating object, like a pulsar, to create a time warp and disappear for a while just to return several years later? This may sound like science fiction, but it’s not impossible. Everything we knew about space before was just the tip of the iceberg; we don’t really know what’s out there or what’s really happening. It’s not only in the movies like Star Trek but it’s indeed happening now.

A time warp is defined as a change in the in the space time by dilation or contraction. This is hypothetical, of course.

This is what was theorized to have happened to the binary star system called 1906. It must have passed through a time warp, making itself scarce to the scientists who were studying it.  The binary star 1906 is a pulsar, a remnant of a star collapsing upon itself. As it continues to spin, it attracts more matter into itself and develops to become a black hole.

According to some researchers, a rotating star going around its companion star was still something yet to be discovered, but it seem that’s not the case anymore.

In the case of 1906, scientists had an easy time tracking the young pulsar since it releases electromagnetic radiation, similar to what a lighthouse does, as it beams its light, which makes it is easy for mariners to see.

By using radio telescopes, scientists were able to follow the whereabouts of the pulsar. Then 1906 began to disappear from the radar.  As it continued to spin around its companion star, it began to sink into a time warp due to the huge mass of its companion star. Then its radio waves began to stop and it could no longer be tracked back on earth.

The process, according to NASA, is called geodetic precession. It uses Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and refers to the ability of very large space objects like our planet Earth to curve the space surrounding it, changing the space-time relationship and the continuum.

The pulsar will return, maybe; however, it remains uncertain when. The black hole may have swallowed it, nobody knows. The Star Trek space ship survived the black hole menace, Pulsar 1906 will also return to tell its own story. For how long? Just around 160 years from now.




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