Creating Your Own Diet Plan May Work Better For You. Then You Can Write Your Own Diet Book Afterwards


Our eyes have been assaulted with unending parade of diet plans these several weeks past. This is something we can expect since a lot of people may have over indulged during the holidays and will need to shave some of those extra poundage to wear those new clothes bought during the holiday shopping. Now they’re a bit small to fit. Dieting will do a lot of wonder in whipping those bodies back in shape.

What’s the diet plan you are following at present? Is it DASH, Mediterranean, or something more exotic and unique? Diet programs are getting more popular these days and for the right reasons although many of them border on bizarre, weird, dangerous and not mention ineffective.

For those who found the right diet plans, they continue to enjoy a more sculptured physique and perfect health.

One person who became more famous by losing a lot of weight in so short a time was Matthew McConaughey. The McConaughey diet was referred to as hard core. Meaning it was not for everybody. At least it works and that is more important. Research says that losing weight consists of 90% diet and 10% exercise. That’s what McConaughey diet was all about.


According to one author, the perfect diet is something out there and has even no name. It’s a mishmash of diets already existing. You may have heard of Mediterranean Diet, Atkins Diet, DASH, Paleo and Ornish to name just a few. No diet is perfect. Diet plans work for some but not for others. That’s the main reason why people have their own favorites. As long as it works for them, they’re going to stick with it.


The same author said that a good diet is something that you should enjoy and continue doing. I believe in it too. There’s no need to force oneself to eat weird tasting food and getting hungry most of the time. What’s important, the author continued, it should not be packed with sugar, carbohydrates and fats and you are going be ok. No red meat and processed foods as well.

Whole grains, fruits and veggies should comprise majority of the foods. I will add lean meat and fish. They are good sources of proteins.

It’s not difficult more so impossible to come up with your own diet plans. An excellent knowledge in research will come a long way in helping you create your own diet plan and then you can write your own diet book: Pretty Keen Diet Guide.




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    Thanks for this. Each person has to work out why they overeat. Really it is simple: eat less, eat better and get active. If you think it’s hard to put into practice, Fat Chance is a great program from NZ that will help you do just that.

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