Ford: Mobility Company that cares for the environment and user, with plenty of things to offer

Ford may be a quintessential car producer, but according to its CEO Mark Fields has a lot more to offer to its staunch fans and consumers. The company intends to concentrate further drivelerless cars, touchscreen dashboards and technological innovations that are tipped to resolve wide-range of issues and problems that exists and persists in the realms of the automobile niche in the world.

Fields has stated in an interview whipped up by NBC News in the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday that Ford’s technological is designed to shun away from the current worldwide trends that could have undesirable effects on the consumers and the planet as a whole such as the rapid growth of middle class and the emergence of megacities that have 10 million or more inhabitants.

As the population grows the number of cars that hovers over streets and roads will also grow and this will eventually give rise to parking problems and deterioration of air quality.Fields has also quipped that the company is considering this and finding ways on how to play a part of providing solutions.

Ford is hopeful that the company will eventually come up with solutions and has disclosed in Tuesday that its 25 “smart mobility” experiments around the globe is a work in progress.


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