The Kepler Telescope May Help Trigger A Scientific Voyage to other Planets to Prove That God Exists.


It was the assumption for a long time, since the time man began to think rationally, that there was only the Earth. It was also thought of as flat for a long time until a Portuguese sea captain, Magellan, with the help of the king of Spain tried to prove it round. Well, almost. He was killed on an island in the Philippines before he could prove his theory of the earth being round. The trip was finished by his surviving crew.

It also didn’t help that religion played a great role in making man believe that there was only one earth made by God. For those who believed, not only the Earth but also the whole universe. Still, the belief persisted that there’s only one planet where humans can survive.

Lately, several discoveries indicate that several earth-like planets may exist. Modern telescopes, both ground based and satellite based, have begun sending pictures of what these planets could look like. Last year, several of these new discoveries have been stirring a lot of interest not only among scientists and astronomy buffs but also among the general public as well.

This year another discovery was made.

According to The Associated Press reports, three or four newly discovered planets could be similar to planet Earth. The similarities being size, temperature, and their rocky contour.  The discovery was announced last Tuesday.

The conditions in the 4 planets may have the capacity to sustain life, according to team leader and astronomer Guillermo Torres in a study using NASA’s Kepler telescope. This is, of course, is hypothetically speaking. The planets are several hundred light years away. One light year is 10 trillion kilometers or 6 trillion miles.

How does it read in standard form? 10,000,000,000,000 kilometers.

­Another Magellan may need to sail the formidable space ocean, this time in order not to prove that the Earth is not flat but to prove that the “great creator”, in His kindness, has indeed given us other planets to explore in case ours does not last forever.




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