Lenovo LaVie Z: world’s lightest laptop features , price and release date

The CES 2015 which is dubbed as the biggest technology show of the year is now in full swing and participating companies are upbeat on showing off their highly-touted offering.

Lenovo is not to be outdone as the company unveils a product that has something to boot as its LaVie Z is tipped to claim the world’s lightest notebook computer. Yes you heard it right and if you get the opportunity to hold this new baby you will indeed get enthralled with its being so light.

The sleek LaVie Z is available in two flavors: the common clamshell laptop and a tablet/notebook hybrid with an advance touchscreen feature to boot. The basic laptop variant weights less than a kilogram, 0.77 kg or 1.7 pounds, while the hybrid model weights near 1 kilogram (a little over 2 pounds). This is about half the weight of the MacBook Air which is indeed very impressive.

The LaVie models boast 128GB of flash storage and crisp Intel Core processors (the basic model comes with an i5 while the hybrid has an i7).

Though the two variants are remarkably light and portable, they are not easy on the pocket. The laptop’s price starts at $1,299 and while the hybrid version is at $1,499. The two laptop models are slated to go on sale in May.


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