Limit Rest, Not Activity In Young Concussion Patients

We can not always protect our children. They have to learn to pick themselves up and dust themselves before continuing on. While most parents encourage their children to go out and explore more, there are those who fret over every blemish and bruise. In case of an injury like a concussion, parents tend to go way over board and bury their children in a sea of concern.

Generally, in the emergency, young people with mild cases of concussion are advised to take it slow for a few days. A week at most. But there are no general guidelines to how a concussion in a young patient should be treated. So a randomized trial was conducted to see which guidelines would have the best therapeutic value and prove to be the best treatment option.

The study targeted 88 young children and adults aged between 11 to 22 years, who had come to the emergency department of the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Patients who had a severe concussion were exempt from this study. Patients were divided on the basis of the advise they were given. People in one group were advised to rest for 2 days, while the others were told to get a rest of up to 5 days.

The researchers observed that patients who got less rest did not show as many or as severe symptoms as those who had been advised longer rests. Group 2, hence, showed more symptoms like headaches, irritability and general loss of interest and a sad mood. However, when tested, on a regular basis, for brain functionality there were no differences among the two groups. Moreover, balance and stability tests were also the same in both groups. Still, the patients who had been in bed were more prone to a late recovery and returning to normalcy in life.

Although the study did not come up with definitive guidelines to be used in trauma patients, researchers have come to a consensus. Rest period longer that 24 – 48 hours was definitely not beneficial.

The research was conducted by Dr. Danny G. Thomas, who works as an emergency medicine doctor for pediatric patients in the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and has been published in the journal Pediatrics.


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