Not All News Are Bad News, Come Let’s Share The Joy of This Happy Occasion

Let us leave all the problems behind for the moment.

Ebola may still be raging in West Africa and it may have infected people from the US and UK, people who sacrificed themselves to help fight the highly infectious diseases in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. The virus has also affected other countries in the world but, with lesser intensity. More than 20,000 cases and 8,000 fatalities have been recorded as of the last count. They deserve our prayers and sympathy.

Another deadly virus is threatening the US which affects mostly children and old people. I’m talking about influenza. Another emerging threat is measles. Everything that’s happening is at least making people sick or taking life away.

Let’s read something about life and share the happiness of the people who are involved in it. I’m referring to families welcoming new members and the first one to grace the US for the year. We welcome them with good tidings. They are a sign that everything isn’t hopeless and that the world will continue even with all the horrendous news of suffering and death.

We go to Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center and share the joy of the parents and the whole country as well. Last year, Arkansas had to wait for their first baby to arrive on January 6. This year it came much earlier at January 3. The distinction has some perks attached to it, one of which is receiving several prizes in the La Junta Tribune-Democrat’s Baby New Year contest.

Some of the prizes are a gift certificate for the lucky mother from Shear Perfection. Others include a car oil change by Tri-County GM, Mr. D’s Carpet Cleaning free carpet cleaning, a fun key from Racine’s Locksmithing for free, tea and a can of honey courtesy of the The Barista, a gift card worth $50 from La Junta Tribune-Democrat, another gift certificate this time for the baby given by Take Thyme Away, a mini-facial through the kindness of Allure Facials, and a gift certificate provided by Opera House Pharmacy.

The child’s identity is still kept secret, but all details will be revealed this coming Monday.

Come, let us share in this happy occasion and give ourselves a break from all the bad news that has been hounding our Christmas and New Year celebrations.





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