Google to wax hot in 2015 with groundbreaking Android Auto for cars, cheaper chromebooks, new Android OS and more

What lies ahead on Google in 2015? The technology giant will most likely be as busy as a bee in maintaining its lofty stature in several niches such as mobile operation system, search engine, smartphone, hardware, smart TV and pc, and expand further its market portfolio by making its presence felt in uncharted markets such as wearable device and auto app. Google will certainly be busy in discovering more innovations and features for its products to fight toe-and-nail against its fiercest rivals.

Just like for the past several years, Google is tipped to unveil another version of its highly popular and much sought after mobile operating system in the forthcoming 2015 edition of the Google I/O event that will unfold this summer. Google is expected to launch its latest Android OS and will start at letter M. The last version of the Android was Lollipop which was unveiled in 2014. The analysts  in the industry expect that new lineup of Nexus hardware will surfaced out perhaps in the second half of the 2015.

Google are also speculated to make Chromebooks not only loaded with features and sleek looks but will also be affordable in the PC niche.

The Google Glass which has lost steam is also projected to make a comeback this year and the Project Ara is set to be launched after two weeks.

Google got occupied with mobile devices and Android Wear this year but has spent ample enough time discussing about Android: TV, and Auto at Google I/O 2014.

Android TV also made its debut in 2014 and it is smarter than ever since it lets users watch with less browsing with the aid of the Voice search. The users will simply say the movies you they watch and voila the state of the art television will play the movies at an instant.

The next generation Android Auto which is still has the tag “Coming Soon” on Google’s website will finally make its presence felt this year. So far there are still no Android-enabled cars that are available in the market and probably the first to do so is the 2015 Volvo XC90 which probably will be rolled out on spring.

Google has forged agreements with 28 car manufacturers to release at least one car that runs the Android OS for cars and the floodgate is expected to get opened in 2015.


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