Is There A Surefire Technique To Quit Smoking? Learn From The Idaho Professionals!


You are aware that smoking is bad for your health. What you don’t know is that more than 443,000 people die yearly, according to the Surgeon General report. You’ll end up an insignificant part of that statistic if you won’t stop now. Just like you, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 70% of those who smoke want to quit for health reasons.

Twenty minutes after your last puff, your blood pressure returns to what it was before you started. Before eight hours have passed, only 10% of the nicotine will remain in your blood. That’s how fast you’re going to recover your health if you decide to stop smoking.

After forty eight hours have passed, your taste and smell sensations will start to recover. Food will taste better and you’ll better appreciate the aroma from that cup of coffee.

Before the month ends, or 21 days to be exact, you’ll begin to breathe easier. The risk of having a heart attack will diminish.

It’s common knowledge that a smoker can’t stop immediately. Relapses are part of quitting. According to research, it takes seven tries before a smoke belcher can really get off the habit. The best way to do so, however, is to stop right away once and for all. Do it abruptly and not gradually. This method is called the Cold Turkey.

Smokers who used the Cold Turkey technique usually get cold feet and 95 percent usually return to their old habit. But don’t lose hope just yet: there are other methods to ultimately kick the habit. There’s one being advocated by Idaho State’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program. The method is aptly called ‘Project Filter’.

There should be a date where you decide to quit. Don’t be in a hurry, take a little time. Quitting needs psychological adjustment to succeed. Part of it is asking your family to give you encouragement and to tell them the day you are planning to quit. Tell them to be really supportive and help you not back track on your promise.

There are times that you can’t really fight the urge. What you have to do is keep a record of the times you smoked. Analyze what influenced you or what made you give in. There are habits that you may have unconsciously connected to your smoking. Some may be as common or as innocent as drinking a cup of coffee. Do you have a friend who smokes with you during break time? Waiting and being stressed can trigger cigarette smoking.

Take charge of yourself. You know there are occasions that will trigger your smoking back. Keep a grip on yourself. You can stop these things for a while or permanently so that you won’t tempt yourself into reaching for that stick you’re keeping “just in case.” That, too. Stop hiding cigarettes “just in case”.

After the motion is in place, you can ask the Project Filter support group to help you with a professional smoke quitting coach. You will need it. Don’t kid yourself. The road ahead is going to be difficult.

There are other amenities Project Filter can offer you. A two month supply of patches, gum, or lozenges are available for free to adults who are medically qualified. Talk to your medical provider before you start using nicotine alternatives.




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