Blue Link app to give drivers control of their Hyundai cars via voice recognition

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is still on the wraps but some of the participants can’t wait to strut their wares and show off previews about their vaunted cutting edge offerings.

Hyundai already made its presence felt few days before the highly anticipated CES and eventually stole the thunder from its competitors by making indications that gadgets and smart devices will be in full throttle in the event.

Yes indeed smart wearable device will make car become smarter especially if you are aboard a Hyundai vehicle. .

Beginning in the early part of this year drivers who are clad with the wrist-worn devices that run the Android mobile operating system will have an access to Hyundai’s Blue Link app, and instantly turns them into legendary James Bond. The drivers will be able to gain control of their cars from door locks to ignition to headlights to location tracking to roadside support to horns. Sounds exciting and futuristic isn’t it? But it is true.

Once the app is installed on the wrist-worn devices, the drivers may then employ the Android Wear’s voice recognition technology to give commands through voice with phrases like ‘lock my car,’  ‘start my car,’ ‘find my car’  and the list goes on.

Hyundai is set to launch its wonderful new device connectivity on January 5 a day before the unfurling of the CES event. Android-enabled devices can download the app through Bluetooth and take over 2012-2015 Hyundai Sonatas, 2015 Azeras and Geneses anytime, anywhere, provided that they have cellular or data connection.

The executive director of Hyundai Motor America Barry Ratzlaff has stated in a press release last Friday that the new fangled app broadens Hyundai’s exploration on how the amalgam of wrist-enabled device and Blue Link will play a vital part into the consumer’s way of life. Ratzlaff added that getting connected with your auto via wrist-worn device and app with voice recognition feature is one of the dreams of the past and can only be seen in sci-fi movies. Now the company has provided this capability to Hyundai vehicles that is beefed up with the Blue Link.

The Blue Link is also expected to be peppered with more features such as destination search and maintenance alerts in the cutting edge Blue Link system that will be able available for other Hyundai  car variants like the 2016 Elantra GT and Veloster later this year.


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