BlackBerry Phones saved Sony from massive hacking attacks by the Lizard Group

Beleaguered consumer electronics giant has successfully pulled through from gargantuan shutdown it suffered from the hands of a group of hackers which also known as the notorious Lizard Group and still managed to end 2014 in a remarkable fashion.

Sony has just received a splendid New Year present as its highly anticipated and controversial “The Interview” piled up $15 million in online sales during the festive weekend.

The company has now steered clear from troubles and certainly has a lot of stories tell of how the company saw the light at the end of the tunnel and surface out from despair. Sony has survived the onslaught of attacks that put its servers and email system at bay.

According to the revelations made by Wall Street Journal, Sony has managed to hold its ground by relying on the primeval Blackberry Phones to purge firmly its internal email and communications systems.

Before unearthing the BlackBerry phones from the pit of dusts, Sony had resorted to many stratagems like employing notepads, Gmail, and other not secured means of communicating. The BlackBerry communication system has proven to be one of the few secured channels Sony could utilize during the attacks because the BlackBerry mobile phones operate through their own secure server and at the same time the user’s data is encrypted and secured on user’s BlackBerry handsets.

BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen taunts his company’s systems saying that Sony could have fended off the attacks if it stayed as a client of BlackBerry.

Chen stated to CNBC in the middle of December that Blackberry devices and its server are a lot more secured than any other solutions that are available commercially.

To date, BlackBerry’s security is the company’s drawing power although the company’s global smartphone market share plummeted to less than 1% for the past few years. But BlackBerry is serious on its endeavors of clawing back on top as it has just broadened its business empire lately and still producing phones with QWERTY keyboards for its avid users.


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