Google Unveils the HTC Google Nexus 9 Tablet

The smartphone niche is getting bigger and bigger but definitely not merrier for smatphone makers.

This development is a win-win situation for the consumers as stiff competition compels the tablet manufacturers to get the most of their resources and technology to come up with strategies to level the playing field.

The tough field has also opened the floodgate for continuous changes in trends in the tablet niche such as rolling out smaller or bigger versions of the flagship models to pricing to innovative features.

The vast majority of the companies now are pouncing on the most up to date features as well as the spec sheets that support Android mobile operating systems. Apple has been highly regarded for providing handsets that are beefed up with cutting edge technology and will not easily buck down in a battle. Apple had just trounced Samsung the biggest producer of smartphones in the world in the smartphone high-end segment,

The HTC device is in sync with the Android based devices. The primary objective of the device is to propel the company from low-end market to the high-end market of the handsets that run the Android.

The HTC Google Nexus 9 tablet is priced at $400. The Nexus 9 tablet getting available at a reasonable price implies that Google is serious on manufacturing high-end devices and offering them at affordable prices.  The Google is looking forward to companies to come with future variants of HTC. The Nexus 9 boasts of the vaunted Lollipop based Android 5.0 OS.



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