Alleged Lizard Squad’s spokesperson detained over PayPal thefts

A young lad who is connected with the hacking incidents that materialized during the infamous Christmas Day attack on Sony and Microsoft was taken into custody by cops over PayPal thefts in the United Kingdom.

The 22-year-old Vincent Omari has been associated with the Lizard Squad hacking group that unleashed attacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live gaming networks during Christmas.

The Twickenham, native, was detained on Tuesday by virtue of suspicion of fraud by false representation and Computer Misuse Act offences but has been out on a bail since March 10.

A student of network security and ethical hacking, Omari, has stated that he is acting as the spokesperson for the hacking group but denied any involvement in the attack on the two companies.

The South East Regional Organised Crime Unit, speaking in behalf of Thames Valley Police, quipped the arrest was in link with the current investigation on cyber fraud offences that took place from between 2013 and August 2014, where Omari confirmed his email  on MailOnline that reads, “tonight:I’m on bail”. Omari added that he doesn’t have court date which contradicts reports whipped up in other publications.

Sony stated that earlier this week its PlayStation Network is now active online after getting interrupted for three days but cautioned the players that heavy traffic might continue to pose problems,

The the group of hackers had also unleashed attack on The Xbox service, which was also crippled during the Christmas but returned online last Friday.

The interruptions compelled the parents to say that Christmas had been messed up for any kids who obtained the consoles as gifts.

The group immobilized the Playstation and Xbox networks by inundating them with vast information making it difficult or impossible for the users to gain access.

But so far there is no evidence to associate this hypothesis with the recent attacks on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has pointed the finger at North Korea on the attacks, since the country has been angry with Sony’s ‘The Interview’, a humor about a plot to gun down the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.



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