After Finding ‘God Particle’ the Large Hadron Collider Is Back to Challenge the Antimatter Theory


The Large Hadron Collider or LHC was put into operation last September 10, 2008.

The Large Hadron Collider has been upgraded and is ready for another run since it was switched off in 2012. This time, it will be used to discover more than just the “God particle’. This time, it’s going to explore the secrets behind dark matter and the dark energy enigma.

In March 2015, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider will be re-commissioned to perform greater tasks. The success of its first mission, discovering the God particle in 2012, is part of its exciting history.

It has been at rest long enough and is now back in its element at 1.9 degrees above absolute zero.

One of its tasks aside from the two others mentioned already is to prove the theory of Supersymmetry. It’s about the assumption that every particle known to man has an identical and unidentified super friend referred to as “super-particle”

Four experiments are going to be performed using the LCH this time. They are Atlas, CMS, Alice, and LHCb.

Professor Tara Shears, the head of the University of Liverpool LHCb group, explained: “We have unfinished business with understanding the universe.”

They expect to gather additional evidence in order to know more about “antimatter, and why there’s so little in the universe”, Shears continued.

“We want to chase the hints we’ve seen in previous measurements, whose behavior didn’t quite match our expectations, in case these hints turn into discoveries”, Shears added.

“We’ve spent the shut-down readying and improving the LHCb detectors so that we can explore this new data with precision.”

The equipment was given a dry run early this December with one of its magnets adjusted to correspond to what is required for a beam particles to reach the level of 6.5 TeV. The main objective of the scientists is to use not one but two of beams of proton particles to achieve 13TeV collisions.




  1. Mark Causey says

    If you are going to use the title ‘God Particle’ please be accurate and use the entire title… it was called the “God Damn Particle”.

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