Ford’s ad campaign of the unveiling of its 2015 F-150 unfurls on college football bowl playoff games

Car manufacturing firm Ford Motor Co. is poised to unravel its mammoth ad campaign for its new fangled 2015 F-150 truck starting on December 31 to January 1. The ad campaign puts into limelight the sleek truck’s impressive hauling and towing capabilities when hostilities in the riveting college football playoff games will be on full blast.

The ad campaign for F-150 also brings into fore its one of the most vaunted features, that is, fuel-efficiency.

Ford had stated that the very brief ad campaign will mark for the first time that company has made the most comprehensive marketing campaign of all-time and as of December 18, about 8,000 F-150s are already on their way to an assortment of dealers. Scott added that the launching date of its ad campaign during the exciting Football Playoff games is well-suited for audiences who are interested with the F-150.

The upcoming TV ads for the new aluminum-body pickup will feature its vastly improved fuel-economy attribute that ranges from 5% to 29% since it is now lighter at 700 pounds when compared with its steel-body precursor.

The automaker truly had a banner year since aside from its robust sales the company also has piled up nods, accolades and prestigious awards. The automaker is certainly is keen on to ending the fruitful 2014 with a great bang, or should I say enormous media mileage!


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