Hubble Telescope Discovers A Spectral Galaxy from the “Edge” of the Universe


The hard working Hubble telescope is still doing a wonderful job of discovering more space phenomenon even after almost 25 years of service. It was commissioned in 1990 and has since has contributed a lot of important discoveries. This time, according to NASA, it was able to spot an emerging white galaxy amidst the scenery of other far away galaxies.

This galaxy is a combination of a true spiral galaxy and an elliptical galaxy. It is described by the space agency as a lenticular galaxy, which means it has a central bulge without well-defined arms. It falls under the classification of galaxy type SO.

It was christened by NASA as IC 335 and is 60 million light years away from earth. It’s only one of the four other galaxies assembled together in what is called the Fornax Galaxy Cluster

The ability of this type of galaxy to form new stars is very limited. This is because there are very few materials left to create one. The stars in SO galaxies are mostly old, which is what elliptical galaxies are usually known for.

The spiral arms of SO galaxies are not well defined, this is the reason they are usually mistaken for elliptical galaxies if they are seen at an inclined position or edge-on, which is how C 335 is seen. Both SO and elliptical galaxies have something in common, such as their sizes and celestial characteristics.

These galaxies are thought of as the “early kinds”. The name has something to do with their passive way of evolving. However, most elliptic galaxies collided with other galaxies in a very violent fashion during their existence, according to researchers. SO galaxies are on their twilight and are considered to be old and aging, largely due to one immersion between two spiral galaxies and no entanglements with other galaxies what so ever.

So far, there is a continuing discussion among researchers about the real origin of these remarkable galaxies.





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