Hangover: New Year Celebration Is Not Complete Without It!


To many people, binge drinking is always a part of greeting the New Year. Whatever is available- champagne, whiskey or beer, anything that’s on the table is fair game. But the hangover the next day is on everyone’s own lookout.

What are the conditions related to it? If it’s your first time, you’ll promise never to drink so much again. Who are you trying to kid? Of course, yourself. Because, despite the splitting headache, body fatigue, and nausea among others, the after effects of too many drinks will soon be forgotten when there’s another party or gathering. Is there really a cure to hangovers? The solutions out there are not lacking, but up to know there’s been no real cure for it.

The common side effects of a hangover can vary from one person to another, but they generally include nausea and headache, that much is certain. Other symptoms are an upset stomach, craving for water, dry mouth, and difficulty concentrating. It is usually when the effect of the alcohol is on the wane that the symptoms start to kick in, and usually manifest for a day.

The body’s defense mechanism, while dealing with the chemicals present in the alcoholic drinks, will suffer from the side effects or symptoms. And only when it overcomes the toxic effects of the alcohol will we be able to get back to normal again.

Alcoholic beverages that contain either ethanol or ethyl undergo metabolic processes in the body, converting them to acetaldehyde and then to acetic acid. Hangovers are sometimes due to the increased quantity of acetaldehyde in the body. Aside from this, a lot of alcoholic drinks have congeners which compound the hangover even more.

Alcohol can cause dehydration. It has a diuretic effect which increases urine formation more than normal. It exacerbates the hangover as well, not to mention the feeling of general body malaise due to the drop of sugar levels in the blood.

Hangovers are self-limiting. They go away as the body gets rid of the toxins through its cleansing ability. Drinking a lot of fluid, not alcoholic drinks of course, like juice or water will help speed up your recovery.  Over-the –counter pain killers will suffice at getting rid muscle pains and headaches.

Suggestions that drinking more alcohol will help cure the hangover faster belong to the realm of urban legends.

Drinking water as chasers will help prevent dehydration but it’s important that you drink it after gulping a round of alcoholic drinks, whatever they may be.

What is the best way of avoiding hangover, you will ask? Avoiding alcoholic beverages is the only working solution so far.



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